Forward Booking

24 Apr Forward Booking

When your vet asks to schedule your next appointment…

Think of it like leaving the dentist. The last thing the receptionist asks is for your availability in six months; you give her a date, she hands you a reminder card.

Veterinarians know that the clients and pets they see on a regular basis receive the highest possible quality of care. Even though you may not be certain of your availability six months or a year from now, scheduling that appointment offers many benefits for you (and your pet.)

  • You will receive reminders about the appointment. Even if the particular day and time no longer works for you, you’ll be able to reschedule and keep your pet current on his care.
  • Your pet has routine, annual health needs, such as dental exams, heartworm testing and certain vaccinations. You’ll need your Rabies tag and Heartgard, so go ahead and put the date on your calendar.
  • Wellness exams help your veterinarian find small problems before they become major, costly, and possibly life-threatening emergency issues.
  • Regular visits to your veterinarian help keep senior pets healthier and more comfortable, longer.

So, when your veterinarian asks you to schedule your pet’s next visit far in advance – go ahead and put the date on your calendar, and help keep your pet healthy!