Executive Board

University of Georgia
Class of 1993
Dr. Federico owns River View Animal Hospital.

Tai Federico, DVM


University of Missouri
Class of 1996
Dr. Povlovich is co-owner of Tennessee Equine Hospital and Berry Farms Animal Hospital.

Matt Povlovich, DVM

Immediate Past President

Mississippi State
Class of 1982
His special areas of interest are Orthopedic and Radio Surgery and Veterinary Chiropractic. Dr. Parker is Board Certified in Veterinary Chiropractic.

Bob Parker, DVM

President Elect

University of Tennessee CVM
Class of 1986
Dr. Reynolds owns Williamson County Animal Hospital in Franklin, TN

Forrest Reynolds, DVM

Vice President

University of Florida
Class of 1984
Dr. Phillips currently lives in the Nashville area and has a veterinary dermatology practice in Nashville.

Margaret Phillips, DVM


Auburn University CVM
Class of 1991
Animal Wellness Veterinary Hospital, White Pine, TN

Karin Collins, DVM

Member-At-Large / East Tennessee

Oklahoma State University
Class of 2002
Dr. Monin was born and raised in Stillwater, Oklahoma. He began working at Mountain Empire Large Animal Hospital in 2002.

Robert Monin, DVM

Member-At-Large / East Tennessee

Mississippi State University CVM
Class of 2015.
She practices in Jackson, TN at Northside Animal Clinic.

Lauren Dabney, DVM

Member-At-Large / West Tennessee

University of Tennessee
Class of 1983
Dr. Butler works in a mixed practice in Huntingdon, TN

Lee Butler, DVM

Member-At-Large / West Tennessee

Mississippi State University CVM
Class of 2006
He works at Nashville Veterinary Medical Specialists, focuses on small animal emergency and specialty practice.

Beau House, DVM

Member-At-Large / Middle Tennessee

Auburn University
Class of 2008
Her areas of interest include surgery, dentistry, emergency medicine, business management, women’s veterinary leadership development and mentoring.

Julie Buford, DVM

Member-At-Large / Middle Tennessee

Heather served as Assistant Executive Director for TVMA from 2017 - 2020. She purchased the business and formed Vaughn Management Co in mid 2020 and currently serves as Executive Director.

Heather Vaughn

Executive Director

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