Allied Membership

An Allied Member is a non-veterinarian who works in an allied business that supplies products and services to the veterinary profession.  Allied members have the privileges of active members, except they are not eligible to vote or hold elective office.  The membership is an individual membership, not a company membership.

As a member, you will receive the following benefits which are provided to all members:

  • Advocates for veterinary medicine, animal welfare and public health
  • Offers continuing education programs including webinars focusing on topics such as healthcare benefits and legislation
  • Keeps you up-to-date on veterinary news
  • Resource for regulatory information
  • Resources to benefit members with insurance, career center, advertising, check recovery and other programs
  • Partners with other organizations to promote veterinary medicine, including Tennessee Veterinary Technician Association, University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine, Tennessee Farm Bureau, Tennessee Cattleman’s Association
  • Offers confidential complaint resolution through peer review
  • Promotes veterinary medicine through public relations

In addition to the above benefits, you as an Allied Member also receive the following benefits:

  • Discounted Dues Structure
  • Eligible for Commercial Representative of the Year Award
  • Special event such as reception or breakfast hosted by TVMA at the MCVC
  • Offer a session at MCVC designed specifically for the sales representatives
  • Priority in booth selection for MCVC based on longevity of company representative’s allied membership in TVMA
  • Allied Membership Section in TVMA Tidbits and include spotlight of Allied members on a personal level, product/service descriptions
  • “On the Move” information in Tidbits – congratulate former sales representative on promotion and welcome new sales representative, provide information about accomplishments of sales representative such as awards
  • Provide a program during MCVC for sales representatives and veterinarians to set appointments
  • Provide veterinarian members with information through emails prior to MCVC which would enhance the exhibit experience for them, i.e. tips about bringing orders to meeting, product/service descriptions
  • Closed group on LinkedIn – Tennessee Veterinary Medical Association Allied Member Group