TVMA Awards are presented on an annual basis during the Music City Veterinary Conference.  Nominations may be made only by TVMA members. While there is no limit to the number of nominations a member may submit, a separate form must be completed for each.  Nominations must be made online.  The nomination process opens October 2 and deadline extended to November 10.

Read below for more information on award criteria and view a list of past recipients.

Click here for information on the Tennessee Animal Hall of Fame Induction and the John C. New Service Award.

TVMA Awards Nominations Closed
TN Animal Hall of Fame Nominations Closed
John C. New Sevice Award Nominations Closed
Lifetime Achievement

Lifetime Achievement

Presented to a veterinarian who has generously contributed to the advancement of TVMA, Tennessee’s veterinary community, and the profession for at least thirty (30) years. Criteria include: public acceptance, civic participation, professional knowledge, and activities with fellow veterinarians. An individual may only receive this award once.

Previous Recipients:
1979 Hugh Lamb
1980 Ralph Mobley
1981 M.L. Farris & S.B. Isbell
1982 George Eason
1983 Alex Leech
1984 Tom Bullington
1985 R.L. Donaldson
1986 Howard Johns
1987 C.Z. Lockhart
1988 Harry Caudle
1989 Dan Fitzpatrick
1990 Cameron Shaul
1991 Waldo Williams
1992 James C. Kile, Jr.
1993 James C. Young
1994 Oogie Martin
1995 W.W. Armistead
1996 Ralph Johnson
1999 John W. Evans
2000 Hassel B. Smith, Jr
2001.William Howard
2002 Harty S. Powell
2003 Joseph Kendrick
2004 Jerry Lee Bancroft
2005 Lowell Malmquist
2006 Jerry Burch
2007 Lloyd Isaacson
2008 Thomas E. “Teb” Bondurant
2009 Ron Wilson
2010 Jacky Horner
2011 John C. Donaldson
2012 Alfred Legendre
2013 Jerry Horn
2014 Mary Ergen
2015 John Kruckeberg
2016 Hugh McCampbell
2017 DJ Krahwinkel
2018 Randy Hammon
2019 Herb McCollum
2020 Walter Clark
2021 Rebecca Gompf
2022 Donald Headrick
2023 Dennis Geiser
2024 Allan Holladay

Dr. Walter R. Clark Distinguished Service

Dr. Walter R. Clark Distinguished Service

Presented annually to a veterinarian who has made exceptional contributions to veterinary medicine through service and involvement with local associations, TVMA, the AVMA, or other veterinary organizations. Service to committees, innovation in program development and member services are all criteria that are considered. An individual may only receive this award once.

Previous Recipients:
1979 Ray Gathmann
1980 Claude Barton
1981 Oogie Martin
1982 Tommy Lee
1983 Bill Austin & Waldo Williams
1984 Daniel Brown
1985 Edwin Randall
1986 Pete Malmquist
1987 Jacky Horner
1988 Jerry Burch
1989 Steve Copeland
1990 Louis Anderson
1991 Stewart Powell
1992 Richard Goddard
1993 Paul Enoch
1994 Dewitt Owen, Jr.
1995 Mike Fenwick
1997 John Ragan
1998 Mary E. Ergen
1999 G. Michael Shires
2001 Jim Hammon
2002 Walter Clark
2003 Donnie Headrick
2004 Ron Wilson
2005 Mildred C. Bass
2006 Randy Hammon
2007 John Henton
2008 Frankie Locklar & Matt Povlovich
2009 Tai Federico
2010 Kenneth Chamness
2011 Alan Holladay
2012 John Robison
2013 Danielle Mannis
2015 Joe Ed Conn
2016 Doug (Bo) Crabtree
2017 Stephen Galloway
2018 Steve Ladd
2019 Mark Garrett
2020 Douglas Balthaser
2021 Susan Moon
2022 Margaret Phillips
2023 John Mullins
2024 Karin Collins

Outstanding Practitioner

Outstanding Practitioner

This award honors a practitioner who has been in private practice the past ten years and is currently practicing food animal, companion animal, and/or equine veterinary medicine. Nominees should have outstanding contributions to veterinary standards, techniques, treatments, and practice methods. Financial success, client and colleague rapport, public service, and willingness to assist other practitioners are all considerations for this award’s criteria. An individual may only receive this award once.  The award is presented every other year.

Previous Recipients:
1979 Farris Beasley
1980 Leon Boyd
1981 Cameron Shaul
1982 Daniel Fitzpatrick
1983 Jack Hall
1984 Jimmy Stanford
1985 Sam Thompson
1986 Howard Mynatt
1987 Charlie Byles
1988 Kenneth Dixon
1989 Carr Hyatt
1990 Dean Martin & Noell Moseley
1991 Oogie Martin
1992 Pat Hackett
1993 Edwin Robertson
1996 George Scorey, III
1997 Bob Coley
1998 William O. Butler
1999 Herbert M. McCollum
2000 Berry H. Gordon
2001 Charlie Moyers
2002 Jerry Burch
2003 Kevin Ade
2004 Richard Buchanan
2005 Robert McCullough
2006 Jerry McMillan
2008 David “Hank” Wright
2010 Jerry Flatt (Cookeville)
2012 Stephen Galloway
2014 Randy Hammon
2016 Allan Holladay
2018 W. Bryant Morton
2020 Carondelet Nollner
2022 Shaun Reynolds
2024 Jerry Wilhite

Young Veterinarian

Young Veterinarian

Recipients must be a graduate of ten (10) years or less, a TVMA member, and licensed in Tennessee. Nominating criteria includes contributions to the profession through service to veterinarian associations, with some contributions to the profession through service to veterinarian associations, with some contributions to TVMA, through committee work or some other means. Contributions to their practice, community, engagement of research, or other professional and civic endeavors will also be considered. An individual may only receive this award once.  The award is presented every other year.

Previous Recipients:
1990 Randy Hammon
1991 Mary Ergen
1992 Jerry Wilhite
1993 Walter Clark
1994 Kathy Mitchener
1995 Bill Widdop
1996 John Chambers
1997 David Edwards
1998 Greg Helton
1999 Barry Carter
2000 Denise M. Singer
2001 Shannon McGee
2002 LeAnne Duffey
2004 Neal Ligon
2006 Kristi Lively
2007 Julie Becker
2009 Allison Fields
2011 Michael Towns
2013 Mandy Willis
2015 Russ Reel
2017 Marisa Shulman
2019 Jeremy Keen
2021 Joanna Walsh
2022 Megan Noseda

Outstanding Technician

Outstanding Technician

Presented annually to a veterinary technician who has shown outstanding achievement in veterinary technology.  Nominations must be made by current TVMA members; however, nominees do not have to be a TVMA member. Nominator must provide explanation to show the nominee’s outstanding achievement in veterinary technology.  Nominees must be licensed in Tennessee, in good standing with the state board and work in Tennessee.

Previous Recipients:

2023 Laura Fischer
2024 Amanda Waldon

Outstanding Commercial Representative

Outstanding Commercial Representative

This award recognizes a representative from a company who exhibits outstanding service to Tennessee’s veterinary community. Sales representatives nominated should consistently provide exceptional service to a wide range of Tennessee veterinary clientele and service as an outstanding liaison to the profession.

Previous Recipients:
1988 Al Stroud, The Butler Co.
1989 Rupert Billingsley, Mutual Supply
1990 Bob Anderson, The Butler Co.
1991 Ernie Miller, SmithKline Beecham
1992 Jim Shenk, VCA
1993 Larry Parrot, Solvay Animal Health
1994 Thomas McDaniel, Grand Lab.
1995 Bob Mistak, Ciba-Geigy
1996 Randy Holliman, Hoechst-Roussel Vet
1997 Laura Vickers Drobnitch, Merk AgVet Division
1998 Rusty Gibson, Fort Dodge Animal Health
1999 Kathi Dougherty, The Columbus Serum Co.
2000 Warren Wyatt, The Butler Co.
2001 Randall West, Merial, Ltd.
2002 Lee Leach, Webster Veterinary Supply
2003 Paul Omvig, Fort Dodge Animal Health
2004 Jim Black, Pfizer Animal Health
2005 Linda Kimmick, The Butler Co.
2006 Phillip Shackelford, Merial, Ltd.
2014 Amy Wedemeyer, Zoetis
2015 Andy Goble, Zoetis
2016 Erika Tookes, Merial
2018 Chris Flenner, Patterson Veterinary
2019 Betsy Bright, Midwest Veterinary
2020 Heather Shelton Boehringer Ingelheim
2021 Hannah Harris DRE Veterinary
2024 Joe Sims, Zoetis

Excellence in Media

Excellence in Media

Presented to employees of the news media (either print or broadcasting) who communicate the positive contributions of veterinary medicine to all Tennesseans. Contributions to the promotion of animal health, public health, and preventative animal healthcare will be considered. Other criteria include accuracy in reporting, and advancing the positive impact of veterinary medicine through the engagement of the public interest and public education. Printed materials or videotape or audiotape of the nominee(s) should be included with the nomination.

Previous Recipients:
1984 Luther Masingill, WDEF-Radio, Chattanooga
1985 Dan Gordon, TN Radio Network & Bill Pease, Tennessee Farmer
1986 Cole Clark, WHBQ-Radio, Memphis
1988 Ruletha Upton, Memphis Cable Vision
1990 Stan Butt, Editor, Tennessee Cattle Business
1994 Harrison Forbes, WNWS-Radio, Jackson, TN
1995 Lance West, WBIR-TV, Knoxville & Bill Race, WTVC-TV, Chattanooga
1996 Gerald Blackburn
1997 Dave Foulk, WIVK-AM 990/FM 99.1, Knoxville
1998 Cindy Wolff, Memphis Commercial Appeal
2000 Channel 3 News, “Eyewitness News Today”, WRCB-TV, Chattanooga
2001 Matt Reynolds, WJHL-TV
2003 Alice Dollar, Knoxville News Sentinel
2005 Ben Hall, NewsChannel 5 Morningline & Openline
2007 Jamie Vaughn, WSMV-TV, Nashville
2009 Tennessee Catttlemen’s Association
2012 Tennessee Farm Bureau
2013 Sandra Harbison, Media Relations UTCVM
2015 Nick Beres, News Channel 5

Tennessee Animal Hall of Fame Inductees

Tennessee Animal Hall of Fame

Nominees must be living in Tennessee who, through unselfish and courageous accomplishments, exemplify the affection, loyalty, security and value of the human-animal bond. Each nomination for membership in the Tennessee Animal Hall of Fame is to be submitted on an Official Application, with the signature of the animal’s owner/steward and sponsored by a TVMA member. (The nomination may include up to three additional letters of support for membership in the Hall of Fame. Nominations may come from anyone as long as a TVMA member supports the nomination.) A description of why they should be considered for induction into the Tennessee Animal Hall of Fame must accompany the Official Application. You may wish to explain how they exhibited special abilities when it mattered or made a difference, how they demonstrated unselfish and/or courageous accomplishments, examples of their affection, loyalty and companionship, or the ways in which they provide healthful benefits, confidence, or opportunities for exercise, socialization, or laughter. Ongoing and/or heroic actions may be considered.

Previous Recipients:

Companion – Bud, St. Bernard Mix
Owner – Vivian Bailey
Nominated by Dr. David Gayk
Professional – Bentley and Sundance, Golden Retrievers
Owner – Georgia Granger
Nominated by Dr. John C. New, Jr.

Hero – Mindy, Boston Terrier
Owner – Barbara Balcom
Nominated by Dr. Dean Martin
Companion – Oscar, Seal Point Siamese Cat
Owner – Pearce and Diane Hammond
Nominated by Dr. Dean Martin
Professional – Osh and Snoop, Labrador Retrievers
Owner – Richard Taylor
Nominated by Dr. Sallye Mitchell-Gregg

Hero – Budd, Cocker Spaniel Mix
Owner – Angela Brewer
Nominated by Dr. William T. Conley
Companion – Bucky, Shetland Pony
Owner – Lynn K. Petr
Nominated by Dr. John Henton
Professional – Mallet, Labrador Retriever
Owner – Whitney Auton
Nominated by Dr. Charles Moyers

Hero – Molly, Collie Mix
Owner – Agnes Chesney
Nominated by Dr. Angela Snow
Companion – Yogi, Lhasa Apso, and Molly, Cocker Spaniel
Owner – Joan and Steve Cohn
Nominated by Dr. Mili Bass
Professional – Snuggles, German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois Mix
Owner – Marilyn Clark
Nominated by Dr. Chuck Halford

Hero – Elmo, Lhasa Apso, and Charlie, Miniature Schnauzer
Owner – Andra and Wayne Reagh
Nominated by Dr. Gerald Blackburn
Companion – Choo Choo, Collie Mix
Owner – John Martin
Nominated by Dr. Charles West
Professional – Rusty, Labrador Retriever
Owner – William Dobson
Nominated by Dr. W. J. Stewart
President’s Award of Honor – Cleopatra, Gray Tabby
Nominated by Dr. Sharon K. Fooshee

Hero – Pudgy, Lhasa Apso
Owner – Barbara Garrett Hudson
Nominated by Dr. Colleen Johnson
Companion – Mitu, Golden Retriever
Owner – Sheryl Evans
Nominated by Dr. Victoria Crisp
Professional – Anka, German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois Mix
Owner – Anne Hayward
Nominated by Dr. Lee Ann Blackford

Hero – Beau and Bonnie, Black Labrador Retriever Mix
Owner – Barbara Wells
Nominated by Dr. Ted Wilson
Companion – Jake, Domestic Short-Hair Cat
Nominated by Dr. Nathan L. Henry
Professional – Belle, Labrador Retriever
Owner – Angela Petty
Nominated by Dr. Irene Vogel
President’s Award of Honor – Aron, Metro Nashville K-9 Police Officer
Nominated by Dr. Michele Sandefur

Hero – Dolly, Doberman Pinscher
Owner – Ron Green
Companion – Sam, Labrador Retriever/Irish Setter mix
Owner – Donna Cole
Nominated by Dr. John Kruckeberg
Professional – Harvey, Dutch dwarf rabbit
Nominated by Dr. John C. New
President’s Award of Honor – Africa, Pomeranian
Nominated by Dr. Randy Hammon

Hero – Nutmeg, Golden Retriever
Owner – John and Anita Randle
Nominated by Dr. George W. Brown
Companion – Mystery, Shetland Sheepdog
Owner – Melissa Hensley
Nominated by Dr. Louise Penfield
Professional – Bella, Labrador Retriever
Owner – Dr. Rita R. Tinsley

Hero – Snowball, Domestic long-haired cat
Owner – Jeri Cameron
Nominated by Dr. Forrest W. Reynolds
Companion – Ripley, Rottweiler mix
Owner – Gregory Tyler and Alesia McMellon
Nominated Dr. Wendy Rosenbek

Hero – GT, Black Labrador Mix
Owner – Danny, Deborah and Melanie Welch
Nominated by Dr. David Hannon
Companion – Keriic, Black Labrador Retriever
Owner – Vicki Mckernan
Nominated by Drs. James C. Butler and John C. New, Jr.
Professional – Nefis El Nefous, “NN”, Arabian Dressage Horse
Owner – Bill and Kathy Massey
Nominated by Dr. Kathy Mitchener

Hero – Diggs, Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Owner – Patty Hart
Nominated by Dr. Randall L. Lange
Companion – Zoey, Miniature Schnauzer
Owner – Jim Jackson
Nominated by Dr. Randy Hammon
Professional – Sabrina, Labrador Retriever
Owner – Linda Fogle and Family
Nominated by Dr. Denise Frazier

Hero – Scrappy, Mix Breed
Owner – The McRee Family
Nominated by Dr. Doug Crabtree
Companion – Sienna, Golden Retriever
Owner – Kathy A. Temple
Nominated by Dr. J. Gordon West
Companion – Branwen, Labrador Retriever
Owner – Cynthia Andresen and Ken Muller
Nominated by Dr. Beth Small
Professional – Zendah, Golden Retriever
Owners – Beth and Charlie Michael
Nominated by Dr. Wendy Wolverton

Hero – Megan
Owner – Willis Muldrew and Family
Nominated by Dr. Patrick Hackett
Companion – Riley
Owner – Dr. Cindy Johnson
Professional – Lucky
Owner – Steve Destefanis
Nominated by Dr. Chuck Halford

Hero – Ajax
Owner – Paul Keating
Nominated by Dr. Chuck Halford
Companion – Champ
Owner – The Hennesy Family
Nominated by Dr. Greg Helton
Professional – Garbo, Black Labrador Retriever
Owner – Gracie Hanks
Nominated by Dr. Doug Crabtree

Hero – Scout
Owner – Eric and Barbie Cadman
Nominated by Dr. Charles Moyers
Professional – Cherokee
Owner – Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ferguson
Nominated by Dr. Scott Bartley

Inductee – Gunner, German Shepherd, Memphis K-9 officer
Nominated by Dr. Chuck Halford

Inductee – Scarlet, Weimaraner
Owner – Mike Smith
Nominated by Dr. Trina Gardin

Hero – Roxie, Border Collie mix
Owner – Lisa Wilbanks
Nominated by Dr. Tai Federico
Professional – The Military Working Dogs
Nominated by Dr. Doug Crabtree

Inductee – Maya, Chihuahua
Owner – Ben Prabi
Nominated by Dr. Randy Hammon

Inductee – Rowdy, Dexter Terrier
Owner – Chester Allen
Nominated by Dr. Eddie Cassell

Inductee – Cricket, Doberman Pinscher
Owner – Mary Sitz
Nominated by Drs. James Jarman and Lisa Bartolotto

Inductee – Kody, Golden Retriever
Owner – Jeremy Baer
Nominated by Dr. Rodney Balthrop

Inductee – Kendalee, Labrador Retriever
Owner – DeAnna Moore, DVM
Nominated by Dr. Sarah MacLane

Inductee – Cocoa, Shih Tzu
Owner – Breezie Finley
Nominated by Dr. Randy Hammon

Inductee – Henry, Small Mixed Breed
Owner – James Beardslee and Jean Amore
Nominated by Dr. Frankie Locklar

Inductee – Chance, White/Black Pit Mix
Owner – Amanda Waldon
Nominated by Dr. Danny Walker

Inductee – Barnabas, Bloodhound
Owner, Candy Stooksbury
Nominated by Drs. Joanne Hibbs and Lori Smith

Inductee – Goose, Yellow Lab
Owner – Elani Etter
Nominated by Dr. Hayley Robinson

Inductee – Cooper, Golden Retriever
Owner – Andy Garmezy
Nominated by Dr. Forrest Reynolds

Inductee – Scout, German Shepherd
Owner – Gaveen Ross
Nominated by Dr. Forrest Reynolds








John C. New Service Award

John C. New Service Award

This award is presented to a person who promotes the well-being of people, through the interaction of people and animals. John C. New, the first recipient was the inspiration for this award.

Previous Recipients:

2002 John C. New, Jr, DVM
2003 Katie Cottrell and Kathy Strunk, Clinch River Center
2004 Detective John Carrell – Nominated by Dr. John Chambers
2005 Dr. Kathy Mitchener, Creator of the TN Animal Hall of Fame
2007 For Operation Animal Hope – Major Don Linzy – Sumner County Sheriff’s Department; Office Tim Anscheutz – Sumner County Animal Control; William Lamberth – Assistant District     Attorney; Mary Pat Boatfield – Nashville Humane Society
2008 Dorothy Kirsch
2015 Mrs. Joan Cohn
2016 Ms. Barbara Wells
2017 Amy Brown
2018 Ms. JoAnne Fusco
2019 Tim and Suzy Perry
2022 Dr. Hayley Robinson
2023 Lisa Stetar
2024 Dr. Zenithson Ng