Veterinarians and Veterinary Technicians: We Need Your Opinions on Wellness

20 Jan Veterinarians and Veterinary Technicians: We Need Your Opinions on Wellness

Veterinarians are at an increased risk of suicide, and relatively little is known regarding the risk for suicide and other negative mental health outcomes in veterinary assistants, technologists, and technicians. The mental well being of our veterinary community is of paramount importance to us all.

To learn more about veterinarian, veterinary technician, veterinary assistant, and veterinary technologist experiences with and opinions about mental health and substance abuse problems, work-related stress, and intervention/prevention programs, the Tennessee Veterinary Medical Association, Auburn University, and University of Georgia are working together to survey veterinary professionals in our state.

You may have already participated in a similar study that took place between July and October 2014. Although there is some overlap between that study and this one, the majority of the questions being asked in the current study are unique. This study actually is the next step in a line of research designed to identify which intervention and prevention efforts might be most helpful for veterinary professionals in our state. Data from this study will help us begin to implement some of these intervention and prevention efforts. As such, we encourage you to participate in this study even if you participated in our previous study.

You are cordially invited to complete this electronic survey by clicking on the link here []. The survey takes only about 30 minutes to complete, and is voluntary and anonymous. Your responses will help inform key stakeholders about the mental health needs of veterinary professionals in Tennessee.

We thank you very much for helping us to learn more how we can better assist veterinary professionals in need in Tennessee.