Considerations for Pet Safety During the Holiday Season

15 Nov Considerations for Pet Safety During the Holiday Season

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and beyond can be a busy time for families; traveling, visiting, decorating and trying to keep everything and everyone organized. Pets add a special element to this time of year, as cold weather and crazy schedules affect 4-legged family members as well as 2-legged family members.  Both you and your dog will probably prefer shorter walks in very cold weather. Be aware of ice and snow build-up in your dog’s pads and remember to towel-dry your dog to remove any salt or chemical de-icers he may pick up on his coat and feet while outdoors. If your animals must be outside, remember to provide plenty of fresh, ice-free water and warm, solid shelter from the elements. Consider your pet’s safety in your holiday decorations; a snow globes, liquid potpourri, and chocolate goodies can be toxic to pets.  Tinsel, string, and wrapping paper can cause digestive blockages if ingested, so it is important to keep these picked up and out of reach.  Finally, be sure to stock your pet’s food and medications in your inclement weather emergency kit along with your supplies.  Be sure to contact your pet’s veterinarian with any specific concerns you may have or visit to find a veterinarian.